Monday, December 28, 2009


At the request of that untiring supporter of adjuncts at our college, Howie Flomberg, and with the consent of the Administration, I have agreed to take up the administration of this great" potential "vehicle for Adjuncts!

Very few colleges and universities have such a voice so I do hope that you all will be active participants in every fashion.

I hope also to simply be in the background to assist in anyway I can.

As we all know, Adjuncts are often the forgotten people in academia in spite of the massive contribution we all make to higher education.

Perhaps in some way, this is our own fault simply because we do not assist each other, net work with each other, and work to connect us all to our university.

So perhaps the best way to start is to simply introduce ourselves, tell us what you teach, where you live, and your thoughts on how we can assist each other.

All positive, life affirming, useful posts are encouraged.

Let's see how we can "work together" to assist our students, our university, and ourselves


Russ Meade

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Worth noting

I find that strange, particularly as an affiliate with a degree in meteorology and atmospheric sciences as well as having attended annual conventions about whether there is truly a climate shift brought upon by humankind or whether it's merely a blip in the blink of the Earth's longtime eye. Most tend to agree that it's a blip and have supported such a postulates with admirable, as well as a large quantity of, journal papers and books.

There is little else to note except the obvious; that we're not in the study, so it won't matter.

--Josh Nathan
Speech Communication

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Please note the timely response to Climate Study

Affiliates will be included in the Senate survey. Thank you very much Kim. Now if someone could contact Dr. Golich?

(I thought I was retired?)

Monday, December 14, 2009

Climate Survey

I just noticed in Metro Connect that President Jordan and Provost Golich will be conducting a Climate Survey among the faculty. In years past this survey was not distributed to Affiliates. I strongly suggest that someone contract the Provost and POLITELY inquire what measures will be taken to insure that the affiliates are included.

I do not know whether Dr. Golich has or has not made provisions for the Affiliates, it would not be a good idea to assume she hasn't, but inquiry would be a good idea.

Friday, December 11, 2009


I haven't quite finalized things with Russ yet,. I have to talk to the Powers that be and you all know how that works.

I leave Metro with mixed feelings. I love our students. They are the reason that I've hung around for 31 years . I think the New Provost will be an asset. She started as an adjunct. I spent some time with her and I was impressed by the questions she asked. I will keep on pressing for our rights as I can and time allows. I'd like to see a second carer path, parallel to Tenure with all the rights and privileges of Tenure.

Most of the existing administration is wedded to the Tenure system. In my opinion the Tenure system is a relic of the feudal guild system. Higher Education will never get rid of it, but we must convince them that we are an asset and we deserve to be treated fairly.

I have tried to keep this blog positive. If it became a source of complaints and negative comments it would lose all credibility. We must work positively and within the system to affect any changes.

There you have it, my final word. I will still be fighting the good fight, however not as an affiliate faculty member of MSCD, but as an individual.

One thing that Dr. Jordan has missed. We ARE pre-emenent. We do a job that no other school in the country does. We provide that one last shot at getting a degree. We turn white collar workers into blue collar workers and we do it better than any school around!

You can always reach me at



Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Russ Meade

Russ Meade will be taking this blog over. I know that Russ will maintain the positive direction. In addition Russ has his own approach to life and I'm sure that we will all benefit from it. I will remain a reader.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Watch this spot!

For an important announcement!

BTW as an unimportant side note - I'm taking a "sabbatical" spring semester. I have two books to finish.

I haven't taken a semester off in many years. I will still be maintaining this board as well as some of the other minor things i'm involved with.


Friday, October 2, 2009

A mistake on my part!

The President of the Faculty Senate is named Kaersvang and she is not a PhD.

My apologies Professor Kaersvang


Important Affiliate Information - really!

Professor Kaersvang, president of the Faculty Senate posted a request for people to run for the Faculty Advisory Council. This council attends Board of Trustee meetings and advises the Faculty Senate. I sent out my traditional "Why can't an Affiliate participate?" email and I received a very thoughtful answer from her:

Sure, it is for full time because it is to advise the full time faculty
on Trustee issues. There is no reason why the part time faculty
couldn't establish such a position; the meetings are open as are all of
the committee meetings. Take care,


I think that's a good idea. Can we have a person or two volunteer to attend the Board of Trustee Meetings and write a summary for this board? I'll bet Professorr Kaersvang would help us organize? (Perhaps even a non-voting member of the Senate)

BTW. Dr Kaersval was a major factor in getting this blog going.

note: I'm copyingProfessor Kaersvang on this.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Web 2.0

I'm going to start putting Web 2.0 links over on the right - if you have any for me, send them!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

OK, I'm back

I try and keep this blog free of personal "stuff" but I cannot this time. I will be continuing to maintain this blog for two reasons.

I have had some unbelievably touching comments from old colleagues and new ones. I cannot tell you all how touched I am.

Secondly, I think that the most recent post really got attention. I will try and concentrate on items that we can use to make us better and more effective in the classroom.

So again - thank you


Friday, September 25, 2009

Back to something of value

I've been debating setting up a facebook page for my class(es). I've seen discussions on this, both pro and con. I wonder, have any of you used any of these tools (facebook, twitter, etc) in your classes. Also how do they compare, in your opinion, to the course home page?


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Comments from Howie

Sorry I've been negligent, but it's been an ... Interesting? ... couple of weeks. However I'm back now.

Russ Meade left a comment on his entry, and like everything Russ comments - it's well worth reading. As a matter of fact, I'll copy and paste it to the front. I've asked Russ to share the the moderator duties with me. I look forward to seeing his talents.

Yesterday a post was left that I found upsetting. First of all the post was regarding an issue that should be resolved at the Chair/Dean level. Secondly there was a personal attack on both me and a member of the administration. I will not post it.

I've been through these wars too many time, when a small group becomes upset a vehicle like this loses all creditability. I've been accused of being a "sellout" before, that doesn't bother me, what does bother me is blindly attacking people who are working extremely hard for our school. I'd like your opinions - email me at

End of Rant

The concert last week was superb. The Air Force band was great, Heck, they're Air Force! The only thing that bugged me was the fact that I was wearing Air Force Blue before many of the musicians were even born. I know that this is Metro, but I do wish we had more of us there?


Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Adjuncts Moment of Truth

Today's "Inside Higher Ed" has a very powerful discussion of contingent faculty. It is worth a read.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Coming soon, to an Auraria Campus near you.

Dr. Potter continues finding great courses for us. I lifted this straight from his email. I do love plagiarism. I think you'll find that the rich blend of coursework is exciting, and Adjunct/Affiliates are welcome!

The calendar is here

Second Life Pedagogy

Friday September 11, noon-2pm, CN 220 OR

Monday September 21, 1-3pm, CN 220

For faculty who completed either the 4-workshop series on SecondLife provided in Spring 2009 OR the SecondLife and Roadrunner Island Introduction workshop offered this semester, this workshop provides theoretical frameworks using Bloom's Taxonomy, Experiential Learning, Transformational Learning, Reflective Learning, and Social Learning/Inclusion methodologies applied to using SecondLife as part of the overall learning environment.

Campus Conversation: Grant Writing and Metro State’s Indirect Cost Recovery (ICR) Policy

Monday September 14, noon-1pm, AU 014 (Center for Faculty Development), OR

Tuesday September 15, 3-4pm, AU 014

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs is undertaking a full review of Metro State's ICR policy. Numerous options are being considered in the process and the outcome may result in modification or affirmation of existing policies. Come get informed and have your voice be heard.

Second Life and Roadrunner Island Introduction

Monday September 14, 1-3pm, CN 220 OR

Friday September 18, noon-2pm, CN 220

This workshop will introduce faculty to teaching on Metro State's virtual campus, Roadrunner Island. Chris Jennings and Lisa Ortiz, Department of Technical Communication & Media Production, will lead the workshops. You will learn how to activate your Second Life account; modify and save your appearance; explore your inventory; set landmarks and home; and walk, fly, and teleport.

Civic Engagement: Best Practices and Tools You Can Use, Webinar and discussion

Thursday September 17, 11am-1pm, AU 08 (Media Center, immediately adjacent to the Center for Facutly Development)

Dr. Barbara Jacoby explains how to prepare students for lives of engagement in our communities by sharing her insight into the fundamentals and best practices of civic engagement in higher education.

Study Abroad Course Development Workshop

Friday September 18, 1-2:30pm, WC 133 OR

Friday October 16, 1-2:30pm, CN 301

Are you thinking of developing a short-term study abroad course for Metro State? Learn the necessary steps to turn your course development idea into a reality. Workshop presenters will be Dr. Gudrun Clay, Professor, Modern Languages and Chairperson of the International Education Committee and Dr. Akbarali Thobhani, Interim Chair, African/African American Studies Department and Executive Director, Office of International Studies.

Connections: Linking Teaching and Research @ Auraria Library

Friday September September 25, 9:30-11am, Auraria Library

A series of 4 workshops during the Fall 2009 semester. Today's topic: Free! Open Source. What happens when no one owns the course content, but everyone is free to use it? Welcome to the exciting, promising and confusing world of “open source content”. Following the revolution in open source software, open source content looks to expand the possibilities of learning and encourage the exchange of ideas and information. Find out what’s available, how to use it and the value of it. PLEASE REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT AT THE LIBRARY'S WEB SITE,

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Monday, August 31, 2009

9/11 Celebration on Campus - Please read.

I've been quiet while we got our semester going, but something fascinating has come up. President Jordan has invited us to the "Sharing the Freedom" concert. The Concert will start at 6:30 at 9th Street park. go to for details.

Why? IMHO, a root problem that we have is that the full time faculty do not know we're there, or do not take us very seriously. If we show in numbers we will demonstrate not only our presence on campus, but our support of the school. My wife and I will be there. Look for us. Anyone should be able to point out "Howie". Bring your lawn chairs and picnic baskets.

I think that President Jordan has done what he can giving the load on his shoulders. I've met the new Provost. My immediate impression is that she is an honorable woman and will do what's best for the school. By showing our support we demonstrate that we are a major part of the school and should be taken seriously.

Email me with any questions: or We want the administration to walk away commenting on the positive support that the Affiliate Faculty showed.

Remember: Keep it Positive


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Info - auto insurance and writing center

A metro grad, John Silva, is a Farmers agent and has put together a program that we are invited to participate in - he offers an 8% discount on auto policies and a 5% discount on homeowners or renters policies. (303) 751-9400 or This discount is after all other discounts. - note - I have no business relationship with John or Farmers in any way. Oh and I asked - he does not do health insurance.

Also might I recommend the writing center. They have a superb support program for our students. They will come to a class and do a presentation. I'm quite impressed by their professionalism.

(303) 556-6070
KC 310

Monday, August 24, 2009


I can't say enough about this program! It has changed the face of our school for the better. I believe the fifth class is in progress now. Get involved. For the curious and the Leaders, I've started a Facebook Group simple called "MetroLeads" join us!


Friday, August 21, 2009

But Seriously

How's the semester going?